The promise of any community is to foster a place where generations of people can live longer, healthier and happier lives.  That’s why I call Milton home and want to work hard on your behalf to protect our higher quality of life.  Milton will be facing many tough decisions in the coming years to steer us toward our master vision. We need an objective perspective and original thinking on City Council, which is why I decided to run.

Judy Burds, 2019 Candidate for Milton City Council

Community Advocate + Leader + Financial Steward

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Our top priority, and the priority of any city, should be public safety. We are fortunate to have well-trained and dedicated first responders here in Milton. We need to assure that we retain and attract them. A focus on crime prevention needs to supplement response, which is sometimes hindered by our geographic area. 


Public safety includes the condition of our roads. The completion of several more roundabouts will help at some limited sight locations, but there are a number of our primary roads that have four-inch wide shoulders. We also need to consider the challenge of making the roads safer, while not attracting more traffic or excessive speeds. Coordination with the Georgia Department of Transportation on regional highway and bridge planning will be very important.

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I was very disappointed in the process for developing the City’s revenue targets and property tax millage rate this year. In my view, it amounted to “Tax and Spend.” City Council should set priorities, a budget should be developed and scrutinized (including by citizens), then a tax vote should be taken. Little time was allowed for even council to review the proposed initiatives, and, as a citizen, I was attempting to do it real time in the meeting after the opportunity for public comment had passed. We need better long-range planning and transparency on our City’s finances and decisions.


Our citizens desire and deserve to be more involved in city decisions. Our process for variances is broken, resulting in far too many individual exceptions to our code of ordinances.  The consideration of neighbors’ property rights and input needs to be given more weight. Promises made by applicants should be made a requirement. Citizens should be given a chance to rebut the applicants’ assertions. Ordinances should have a short period of public review before being signed into law to ascertain that they align with the vote and discussion.  Predictable zoning protects property values.


With Reebok on her rescue day. 

Community Advocate + Leader

My strong sense of community and service in Milton is what led me to join the Board of the Friends of the Milton Library, and to help create Southern Magnolia Charities, hosting the Annual Milton Tour of Homes to benefit nearby charities. I serve as an Officer on the Board of both organizations. I have also been an active participant in many city council and city committee meetings.

Financial Steward

Why is my website and Facebook page Because I’m a numbers person! I graduated from Iowa State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering, and hold an MBA from Georgia State University. My professional career started as an engineering assistant at a civil engineering firm, spanned 18 years at AT&T leading large teams and budgets in operations and engineering, followed by 15 years in cost savings and process improvement consulting as a Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Director at an international boutique consulting firm. 

Better Questions = Better Solutions

In my career at AT&T, ideas were openly questioned, often resulting in even better solutions. As a cost saving consultant to Global 2000 companies for almost two decades, it was also my job to ask tough questions. It’s time to openly ask the tough questions to help us make the choices that will guide Milton toward an even better future.

I’ve been a Milton resident for 12 years and plan for it to be my forever home.  In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, good wine, volunteering and spending time with my rescue dog, Reebok, and rescue cats, Treble and Lady Gaga. 

My email is and my phone/text is 770-331-7608.